Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Speaking of Pinch Pots

I know about pinch pots because I'm an art teacher and 
I teach elementary students how to make pinch pots. 
Here's an adorable inverted pinch pot made into a pumpkin by first grader.

I use Model Magic clay with my students which comes in VERY bright colors. When we're done with the lesson there's always some left over, it dries up and I usually throw it away. This time I decided to see what would happen if I mixed the VERY bright colors together to create more subtle colors. 
Here it is VERY bright - mix, mix, mix - hmm - I like it - not so bright and quite nice. 

So I used it to make these simple pinch pots. 
They seemed kind of plain so I jazzed them up and made MANY pinch pots. 
Come back tomorrow to see some.

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